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The Different Types Of Boobs In The Back

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Do you have any idea of the different types of boobs in the world? You probably know that there are women who are blessed with big boobs but don’t know how to fix them because they are stuck with a certain “look”. But what about those women who have smaller-sized boobs but are trying to look sexy? You’ll be surprised to know that fixing your boobs isn’t as hard as you think.

First of all, it’s important to understand that there are two general categories of boobs: perky and droopy. If you want to make your boobs bigger, the only effective way is to choose a body type that has an equal proportion between the size of the chest and the size of the bottom. This type is known as “the apple”. Women who have this type have perky breasts because their breasts do not extend far from the surface of the body. However, when the breasts are pushed below the surface of the body, it becomes a droopy type and this is where surgery comes into the picture. So in order to get your boobs bigger, you need to fix the droopy problem first and then work on the perky problem later.

If you have big boobs, you can practically play with your body in order to make your boobs look better and bigger. Big girls with large chests should wear tops with plunging necklines. The necklines should come up higher at the rustling area and lower towards the hips. The plunging necklines can be unbuttoned to expose the cleavage of the breast. For bigger breasts, wide belts can also make big boobs look prettier.

Women with droopy types of bodies should select a top that does not cover the entire stomach area. This type of top will bring out the flab on the stomach and make them look great. To add more dimension to your breasts, you can also go for body shaping belts that feature contour pouches underneath. These contour pouches will help you make the breasts look much fuller and bigger.

You also have the option of wearing shirts that are scoop-neck or v-neck. Both these shirts will look great on women with this body type as they create an illusion of a broader chest and make the shoulders look longer. This is a perfect type of shirt for those who want to emphasize their big boobs. A long shawl, if you are going for more volume, can also be a good option as it can bring out the shapewear style of your body.

Finally, if you do not want to go for any of the above-mentioned options, you can still achieve your desired look by just playing around. There are lots of body creams and lotions on the market today. Just buy the right one and then massage it onto your breasts. This should produce a positive change in how your breasts look.

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